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Saturday, June 27, 2009

where does the time go?

one of my favorite Nina Simone songs but so appropriate for now....I never have any time to hang out with my friends. I try to make time, make plans but it is never there. This weekend I worked at our shop's open house, 'jewelry party', needless to say, not many people showed up, other than supportive friends. So, here I am, midnight on a Saturday....blogging oh and watching the Fall...AMAZING cinematography. Lee Pace is easy on the eyes...I'll be dreaming of him this evening.

For now, I will post one of my new favorite artists.
Stepanie Tomczak. She's abstract but blends a cast-off/found object jewelry medium.
And Appart, new and very cool contemporary artists website, Julia Turner is my current favorite.
She uses wood and paints it, adding gold, silver and enamel. This reminds me of a spider web. Whenever I find new jewelers online...it challenges me to look at jewelry in a different angle, to use new materials and functions. Jewelry doesn't HAVE to be made of only silver or gold. But really, anything. I recall the days of when I made fimo barrettes and friendly plastic earrings. I was always crafty but it wasn't until several years ago that it dawned on me that jewelry has ALWAYS been a part of my life.
Julia Turner

Eily O'Connell is also super talented. She casts her pieces from found objects such as twigs and webs.
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