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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Trying to fit in

We all go through it in our lives, wanting to be accepted as part of the group.  And even in my mid 30's I still sometimes have the urge to want to be accepted into certain groups.  I realized this when I applied to be part of an exclusive jewelry collective.  I was rejected and as I wrote back I had a revelation; that I didn't know at the time that I was trying to fit into 'art jewelry'.  And that I've been in a bit of a limbo, applying for perhaps the wrong shows because I wanted to be accepted into art jewelry.

See for the general public, and the average consumer they don't put jewelry into categories but in our field there are many.   While I was in school I was taught by 'art jewelers' (I put these in quotes because I do feel that it is an internal definition) and I learned all sorts of methods of jewelry making; enameling, casting, fabricating, stone setting etc.  In the academic environment there is a high placement on quality and creativity, I think I excelled somewhat at these but looking back I could've worked harder at being more creative. 

My personality and characteristic is that I love immediacy and am a bit impatient, I think that is why I work better doing small collections twice a year.  Thus, in conclusion of this post and from being rejected from certain shows that perhaps I don't fit into that niche of art jewelry but more of fashion jewelry.  Really I do hate these categories and part of me wants to just throw them out the window and focus on making jewelry that I love aesthetically and that pleases my eye. 

I'm learning more and more about my style and where it fits, sometimes it's so hard to gauge the right audience but I think I'll get there.  Thank you for reading!

Deer antler brooch, 2010.  Cast from a starfish, tube set cz's, sterling silver. 

Ring, 2010.  Cuttlefish cast shank, tagua nut and black coral from Panama.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Florence & The Machine is coming back!

Not as if they died but I've missed them so, Florence is akin to Kate Bush and Stevie Nicks in my eyes.

This new track is truly stunning and exciting to hear...one can only imagine how the rest of the album will be.

I love the dancing and expression and fight between Florence and herself, whom hasn't felt this way?
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Monday, February 9, 2015

Planning stages

Sorry I've been absent with posts.  As you can imagine some days I'm not sure what to post about or don't really have anything new to post and then that stretches into a week!

But trust me, there is quite a bit happening in my world. I'm very psyched to announce that I'm planning a bridal collection! 

A friend suggested I should do one and at first I was a bit hesitant but the more I thought about it and counted the times I sold rings to customers as wedding rings the more I feel that this is completely appropriate and perfect timing. 

I'll be shooting the lookbook for the collection with one of my favorite and trusted photographers, Aileen Devlin.  We have great chemistry working together, I can't wait to get it all started. 

(Source of image unknown)
 Stay tuned! And thank you for reading.
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