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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A home of my own

I’ve been day dreaming of having my own place, whether it be renting or owning (I’ll be renting for a while…), for the past several years. I first moved into my current apartment, with 2 roommates, about 4 years ago. And at first it was great, I was happy to simply be living near the city and be out of my parent’s basement but now I dream of having a separate room as my studio and then re-decorating and simply living alone. I look through my old Domino magazines (for which I mourn it’s passing) and want to paint walls in a rich eggplant and then the living room a burnt rusty red and just have fun.
I also have been fantasizing more about my own place since I discovered this glamorous blog.
From which I used these lovely images.

I know it’ll happen one day, hopefully soon, but for now I have to be content with my little shoebox of a room and my new jeweler’s bench.

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