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Monday, August 31, 2015

2015 Martha Stewart American Made Nominee

Last week I saw the call for entries for the Martha Steward American Made contest, and I thought, why not try?  I mean I could just win and get $10,000 for my business. 

You can officially vote for me on September 21st - don't worry I'll add a reminder on here and all social media.

It's quite exciting to have a profile on Martha Stewart's website, as well as the fact that she is celebrating handmade and many other companies are as well.  This is such a great thing for American makers, that our country is slowly supporting locally and well made products.

Thank you for reading and stay lovely,
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Friday, August 28, 2015

Bursting at the seams

One of my flaws is that I can be quite impatient, and want immediacy.  Being a jeweler, most of the time you should be patient so this doesn't always work for me, being impatient.

Which leads me to just a tease, a little morsel of what is to come for the Bast Collection, because honestly I want to release it right now! Ha, but I have a deadline to keep and it's good for me, because it really does build the excitement.

Fifi and Jessi, one perfect moment of stillness

The Bast cuff bracelet, I'm just so in love with this stone!
The Bast Collection will be released on Thursday, September 10th.  Mark your calendars because I'm quite confident this will be a successful collection!
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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Speaking on and protecting cats

With my Bast Collection coming up, cats have obviously been on my mind.  And not only for that reason, I've also read about endangered larger cats in several regions and countries.  So I wanted to take a moment to urge you and hopefully your friends to take time to send messages to your senators, persons in power to designate lands and areas for our fellow animals that we share the planet with.

Key word is SHARE our planet and regions.  We don't need more strip malls, or parking decks we need more land to enjoy and make this earth keep healthy and growing.

I recently read of a mountain lion's death due in part to the major highways surrounding Los Angeles, it's sad to think an animal can't roam freely due to traffic and cars.

Then of course we heard about Cecil, the beautiful lion that was shot by Dr Walter Palmer when on a hunting expedition in Zimbabwe.  Large cats are endangered and so few of them exist.

So the question is how do we protect these animals?  There are several things you can do from the comfort of your own home, without having to get out of your chair!
  1.   Adopt an animal via the World Wildlife Fund.  Here's a link to adopt a lion
  2.  You can give a donation to the Center for Biological Diversity (one of my favorite nonprofits).  Eilisain Jewelry donates to them twice yearly.
  3. You can email your Congressperson today and tell them to support legislation that restricts deforestation and protecting habitat for endangered cats 
  4. Talk to your friends and family about taking proactive steps to protecting animals and wildlife by signing petitions and posting on social media
  5.  Take an active part in learning about the wildlife and animals in your region and how you can help maintain their habitat.  IT all starts in your backyard.
 I hope you will take a moment to do something, no matter how small or big.

Thank you for reading and sharing this message!
Stay lovely,
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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Contemplative Vessel exhibition

For so many reasons I really love having my studio space at Art Avenue, and one of them is seeing all the great exhibitions in our gallery space.

Longtime AA studio renter and supporter, ceramicist Hollie Lyko will have her first solo exhibition at Art Avenue on the First Friday Art Walk in Uptown Greenville on Friday, September 4th 5-8pm.

Her newer large vessels are awesome and the glazes she uses are layered and subtle.  I'm really looking forward to this exhibition, if you're in town I hope you make time to view the show.

As always thank you for reading and stay lovely!
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Monday, August 24, 2015

What lies in the shadows or under the bed!

Upcoming exhibition opportunity for any of you looking to submit, it's only $10!

My friend Vincent Li, as well as awesome painter, will be jurying this show.  I love the theme and it'll be perfect for the upcoming fall season.  

I hope you'll apply!
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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Joy, I've discovered Podcasts

Being a person that loves to absorb new knowledge and also enjoys technology I finally decided to check out podcasts.  I'd heard about the NPR podcasts and one podcast that got me into this new form of news  was Design*Sponge After the Jump.

Anywho, podcasts are a great way to have background noise as well as learn something new while working in the studio.  And several months ago Etsy did a great review of several informative business podcasts.  Now I feel the need to share my list with you!

Me, back when I was DJing at WZMB.  
The best photo I could think of for this post!
1.  After the Jump hosted by Design*Sponge creator Grace Bonney
Even though they haven't held any new 2015 episodes, I highly recommend listening to the older ones as they are SO informative for creative individuals, business owners and creative individuals.  I love Grace's honesty and style of hosting.  She's incredibly curious and fun!

2.  Launch Grow Joy series by Andrea Ayers
Andrea is SUPER knowledgeable in almost all areas of running a small yet successful business.  I've found her series so helpful for everything from blogging, pinterest to contacting editors for features in publications.  Andrea has great guests that are movers and shakers in the small business arena.

3.  Death, Sexy and Money with Anna Sales
I just only started listening to this series but already it's got me hooked.  One episode was super heavy but enlightening on the way siblings love and almost hate each other.  Anna has such a great even tempo voice and ask such probing but gentle questions.

4.  Damn Art Majors with Adam, Sara and Dudders
This one is special as it consists of 3 ECU alumni art students! The three of them get together and discuss all sorts of fun aspects of art, being an artist, comic book love and of course beer.

5. GenNext Jewelers
This one I just discovered and is definitely more an industry insiders look into the jewelry business.  I've found it somewhat informative but also very much from a business perspective.  It may not be for everyone but one that I go to every now and again.

I hope this list get's your interest peeked into podcast, they're fun and a good change up in the studio or office if you're tired of music or just dead silence!

thanks for reading and stay lovely,
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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

More holiday show line ups

It's only the middle of August but for jewelers and other small business owners this is the time to prepare for the holidays and I'm lining up my show list and already mentally preparing for the onslaught of orders.

I'm excited and I feel so much more prepared this year than I was last year.  With that said I wanted to let you know early on where Eilisain Jewelry will be headed.

Just got word last night that we will be participating in Crafty Feast in Columbia, SC.  I've never been to Columbia and this time my husband will join me and we will get to know a new city!

In October I'll be headed to Atlanta for the Candler Fall Fest.  It's going to be a very fall/winter season but I"m so ready for it! And if you're in these cities please visit, I'd love to meet you and talk jewelry!

some of the new rings I'll be selling at these shows....and some are from the Bast Collection!
As always thank you for reading!
stay lovely,

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Friday, August 14, 2015

I'll be a teacher again!

I'm super excited to announce that I'll be teaching an introduction to metals class this coming fall and winter at Emerge - Pitt County Council for the Arts in Uptown Greenville.  If you're interested you can register here.

You may recall that several months ago I subbed for Joanne Lang's intro metals class at Emerge and I really loved it.  Teaching enlightened me to how much education I have and that it teaches me to be better at what I do.  I'm also challenged to freshen up on my own skills and jewelry vocabulary.  Often times when I'm in the studio, I get comfortable in one technique or skill and end up 'losing' some of that previous knowledge that I had learned in school.  So teaching gives me the opportunity to retrieve that knowledge and pass it along.

Now here's my plug, if you live in the Greenville area, sign up! It'll be fun and a great way to learn something new, meet new people and stimulate the creative part of your brain - it's good for your soul!

I'll be teaching the Fall class which will begin on Tuesday, September 8th from 6-8:30pm thru October 20th.
And the Winter class beginning Tuesday, October 27th from 6-8:30pm thru December 8th.

Me, in the early days of school, raising a copper vessel.
Thanks for reading!
Stay lovely,
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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Curbside Cookoff here we come

And the fall events begin! 

I was invited by the DMV Food Truck Association to participate in this fun event with other artisans and boutique trucks.  I'm always willing to try something new.  It's also going to be fun as my sister in law will be helping me that day, I love mixing work with family & friends. 

DC will always be home to me and it's great to go back and revisit old haunts and see old friends.  Plus I'm very much looking forward to trying all the delicious food!

My most popular item, The Hunted II talon cuff will most definitely be on sale at the event.
Thanks for reading - stay lovely!
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Friday, August 7, 2015

Buying jewelry for others

The Asteria Collection. 
Photo by Amber Burnette of Dekay Photography
 Jewelry holds a place in the world as one of the best gifts you can give someone, and it holds special meaning for special occasions as you already know (proposals, anniversaries, graduations etc.) but it's also one of the trickiest.

I've learned as jeweler that certain types of jewelry are easier to gift than others.  For example, rings are wonderful and one of my favorite pieces to wear except it's the hardest to gift someone as you may not know their ring size.

My favorite type of jewelry to gift is a necklace
#1 - they can always use the chain for another pendant. 
#2 - you don't need to know their size, it's very simple.

Pins and brooches are great too for those same reasons.

The key to purchasing jewelry for a loved one is to pay attention to what they like and wear.  For example, you can pick up whether or not the person loves silver or golden jewelry (doesn't have to be gold, it can be bronze or copper).  And whether or not they enjoy jewelry that has a certain motif, such as elephants or cats.

 Here are some more tips when purchasing jewelry as a gift:
  • Ask the jeweler or store if they take exchanges, that way you can use a gift receipt 
  • Meticulously check the quality of the piece, if it's stamped and the setting of the stone to ensure it will be a long lasting piece
  • Ask for gift wrapping
  • check the ratings and referrals and reviews of the jeweler or store
  • Request care instructions for the piece of jewelry
The Hunted II silver badger claw necklace with a teardrop moonstone

I hope that these tips and advice assists you in your next jewelry purchase as a gift or even if it's for yourself!

Stay lovely-
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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Another great workshop

Powdercoating is getting super popular this summer!

This workshop will be held towards the end of the month at Pullen Arts Center in Raleigh, NC. 

Hope you can participate - and please share if you're a fellow jeweler.

Stay lovely! xoxo
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