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Sunday, April 28, 2013


I'm not sure if I would say the past several months have been bellisimo completely but lately it has! Which makes up for the not so exciting months.  As you may or may not know I graduated last December from ECU with a BFA in metals and jewelry.  Since January, I've kicked my ambitions into high gear and structured my jewelry business, Eilisain Jewelry LLC.  It's been a big learning experience and I'm hopeful for the future.  

Within the past several weeks, I'd say since March, some wonderful opportunities have come about from my hardwork; and slowly I'm sharing them with you! 

About two weeks ago I was interviewed by local magazine, Bella, based out of Washington, NC. Wes Nicholson, a writer for Bella, called me up and wanted to interview me about my jewelry.  It was really great to have local press want to feature me, especially since my jewelry is inspired by eastern North Carolina.

Below is the full page interview.  Bear with me, as I know it may be hard to read. 

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

belated Earth Day

I completely forgot yesterday was Earth Day and now I realize, it's really silly to designate one day to the earth; everyday we should honor mother earth.  I try, with small things, like recycling and consuming less, eating local food and purchasing local goods.  Small steps add up and can make big differences.  Very akin to the butterfly effect.  

Speaking of which; on Saturday while car shopping my fiance found a poor broken-winged moth attempting to lay her eggs.  Such beautiful creatures and so soft.  We realized that with the broken wing the moth was going to die.  I've kept her in my car, contemplating on making her into jewelry.  We shall see. 

I hope that you take steps everyday to reduce your consumable imprint on the earth.  Thanks for reading!

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Momentary Myth Exhibition

More beautiful images from the Momentary Myth collab with Sim Asher, everyday I keep getting more pumped about the event as well as the future.  

Below are the postcard images.  I mailed out a different version of the postcards on Friday - can't wait for everyone to get them!!!

PS email me if you'd like a hard copy.
Ashleigh looking gorgeous in my jewelry and shot by the talented Sim Asher

Lovin' the back of the postcard with the black and gray AA logo.
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Monday, April 15, 2013

Earrings Galore

Happy Monday! It was such a beautiful weekend, I wish it wasn't Monday but I'm trying to be positive.  

As I had stated in my previous post, lots of exciting events are coming up and one of them is participating in the Earrings Galore exhibition at Heidi Lowe Gallery in Rehoboth, Delaware.   Earrings Galore is a group show featuring handmade and contemporary earrings by veteran and new artists.  I'm very honored to be participating in this show; I'd always admired the previous earrings in the show, especially by friends like Sarah West and Tara Locklear. 

Below are just one of the pair of earrings I submitted for the show.  I bought the yellow apatite crystals when I last visited Asheville, aren't they pretty? Perfect for spring and summer!

Poseidon earrings, 2012.  Yellow apatite stones and black coral.  Photo by Lisette Fee.

Close up of the apatite crystal.  Photo by Lisette Fee

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Momentary Myth

So many exciting things are happening within the next several weeks, it's hard for me to contain myself! However, I can now give you some of the details.  

On May 11th, I will be exhibiting my jewelry alongside the photography of Sim Asher, we named it Momentary Myth and it will be at Art Avenue Contemporary Gallery & Studios, from 8-10pm.  It will be a month long exhibition showcasing my jewelry in the wilderness of eastern North Carolina.  The title came from the Beachhouse song, Myth.

I met with Sim almost two months ago to discuss the project of shooting my first lookbook (which will be presented at the exhibition) and Sim was immediately on board.  Sim's photography is so much like my jewelry, rough, wild and inspired by the wilderness surrounding Greenville.  

Not only did I get a fantastic photographer, but beautiful and fun models, a talented hair and makeup artist, as well as Spike Hoban to shoot a video!!!! Which I'll also release at the exhibition - but you will get the first look here about a week before the show.  Can you tell I'm bursting at the seams with excitement?!?

Here are just some of the beautiful shots Sim took. 
Ashleigh Bowden wearing the aragonite burst earrings.  Sim Asher photography all rights reserved.  
Ashleigh wearing the Deep Sea Necklace.  Sim Asher Photography all rights reserved.
 There are several more photos on my website, which you'll also notice some slight changes I made.  I hope you like it and I hope you can come to the exhibition.

Thank you as always for reading. xo

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Metalsmith

The Metalsmith from Dan McComb on Vimeo.

Wow, I didn't realize Andy was losing his sight.  So sad but I admire his commitment to continue working.  I've always loved Andy's work, they are so thoughtful and inquisitive.  
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Friday, April 5, 2013

Recipe for Resurrection

This is truly fascinating, but I have mixed feelings of bringing animals back from the dead.

The most recent issue of National Geo features several articles on the relationship between humans, animals and our environment.  The one that really worries me is the possibility of bringing the wooly mammoth back to life.  Currently hunters from Russia scour the Arctic circle for tusks hidden or buried in the arctic ice.  Finding a tusk for these hunters brings them much needed money to survive in their homeland, which I understand the necessity to live however if the wooly mammoth is brought back from extinction I'm sure it wouldn't be just for research purposes but to feed the tusk business.  Ivory is already killing elephants in Africa and it is so disturbing.  

This brings me back to the ethics of animal parts and the policies regarding their usage.  I posted yesterday on my Facebook page about my own policies.  All of my jewelry is made from the remains of animals that have been either found in the wild and was shed naturally.  None of it has been from animals that have been killed purposefully.  

I have profound respect for animals and the wildlife of eastern North Carolina and the animals of our planet.  It's so easy to forget that the balance of our world is dependent on the relationships between animals.  That is one of the principles behind my jewelry is to become atune and bring awareness to the powerful capabilities of animals.

I hope that after reading this post you are brought to the awareness of animals in your own life and the world.
Thanks for reading!

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Shop on my website

It took me three hours to set up, but I now have a shopping cart system set up on my website

Since beginning my business, I have learned so much about doing all aspects of it, from setting up my website to doing my own bookkeeping.  It keeps me on my toes and I'm happy I know the ins and outs of running a business.  I'm really loving it.

I hope you will visit my website and see the new improvements I've made to it.   There is a press section and also my one of kind work.  

Thank you for reading and visiting!

The Poseidon cuff.  Only $65.  I'd keep it for myself if I didn't have to sell my own jewelry!

Eilisain packaging.  All letterpress and hand done.  I think it makes the purchasing experience that much better!
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World Champ(leve) Beltbuckle title

My very good friend DJ made the belt buckle for the World Championship belt buckle competition.  She won third place but I feel she should've won first, I mean this buckle means to kick ass and dominate!

Her short film is pretty kick ass too.  Hope you enjoy it!
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