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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jessica Calderwood Penland workshop

This week has been quite amazing, it's like a wrinkle in time, where you get lost in the moment and several minutes later realize the magic of it. Do I sound cheesy or what? But it really is like that.

Here is one of my first posts on Penland...there will be more, I guarantee it!
Just one of the beautiful views at Penland

The view from my bench. Pretty sweet.

Our class getting ready for a demo from
Jessica Calderwood on painting with enamels.

One of Jessica's larger pieces. It's electroformed
as well as drawn, painted and decaled enamels.

Jessica's awesome double sided enameled brooch and other pieces.

Just many of Jessica's sample pieces.

Larger enameled vessels.

My drawn and then painted enamel earrings and pendant set.

My Lady Cat Cat piece that didn't fire well.
This was pre-fire...I'm bummed 'cause it's so cute and corny!

I'm still in the studio here, working on more samples. For now I give you this post, it's been so wonderful and good for my artistic soul to be in space that nurtures experimentation and play. And not having to stress about a grade or a critique.

Not only am I learning so much about enameling but all the other mediums, printmaking, rglass, fiber, sculpture and ceramics. I want to try it all!

Anywho, hope you enjoyed reading.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Old world Mexican jewelry

The first full day Laritza Garcia and I had in Mexico we spent most of the day visiting museums, the Franz Mayer museum and the National Art Museum, where we saw the old world jewelry below.

It's quite detailed and beautiful. During my entire trip through Mexico all I could think was - how the artists were able to craft such amazing pieces out of very basic yet multi-use tools whereas nowadays we have tools for very basic things...we are so spoiled!

I apologize I don't have names/dates for the jewelry, there was so much to drink in but I hope you like what you see as much as I did!

Thanks for visiting.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Off to Penland

Craft house at Penland

I'm finally going to Penland! Almost felt like I wasn't going because it came at the tail end of the summer.

I'm really looking forward to next week, learning from famed enamelist Jessica Calderwood.

I'll be posting while I'm there so not to worry! Hope you have a great weekend and survive Hurricane Irene...I doubt it'll be bad.
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New item in my Eilisain Etsy Shop

My cuttlefish earrings were a big success at the Trifecta Trunk Show so I decided to make more - this time using red coral dangling from the edges.

I plan on making a pair for my cousin in Panama, I think she'll like it.

Backs of earrings. These are quite light and attractive on the ear.

Hope you like.
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Romero Gurman Glass studio

Finally, a Mexico post! ha, I know I said I was going to and going to and never got around to it until today! When I arrived in Mexico City, Jesse Bert met me at the airport and we checked into the hotel near the Zocalo (town square). It was an overcast day but the weather was wonderful, cool and breezey (very unlike Greenville, NC).

Jesse and I had time to kill before meeting Lari at the airport (her plane was massively delayed) so we visited Romero Gurman glass studio just on the outskirks of Mexico City.

Gurman and Romero business teamand Jesse Bert
having a good laugh with their adorable son.

Jesse getting a closer look at
Romero Gurman brass set glass production work.

Design process of mixing the glass pieces.

Production closet. I love Deborah Gurman's organization!

Storage bins for the different glass/colors.

A cutting machine, just place your original on the left side
and cut out an exact replica on the right.

A bezel set glass piece in sterling silver.
Gurman fabrics them himself.

Glass beadworking station.

Debora Gurman and Marco Romero are a wonderfully charming and talented husband/wife business team. They teach classes and sell their work in Mexico and internationally. They were so generous in giving me a tour of their studio and soon-to-be workshop space.

Marco is not only a highly skilled glass worker but also in metalsmithing. He has a ridiculous amount of machinery (I was SO envious). I'd estimate about 10 glass kilns, and several soldering stations.

*Side note, their adorable 4 year old son was busy running around playing with the machines.

Not only did the successful couple have an awesome studio, they also are very organized with their production work. Debora was really proud of the way she had the glass jewelry categorized.

And here is a Youtube video of their work:

Hope you enjoy this post!
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Saturday, August 20, 2011


whoa...Zola Jesus is the new Kate Bush. I'm speechless watching this video.

This video reminds me of The Hunger, very moody and otherworldly.
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Friday, August 19, 2011

New items in my Eilisain Etsy Shop

Another edition to my Epona series of jewelry; Epona the patron deity of horses and wild animals. I can see her wearing this necklace and myself!

This necklace was on sale at the trunk show but is still available. I've grown attached to it but would love to see it worn on a happy customer.

And I'm still working on those Mexico updates...just need to get the photos from Laritza Garcia.

Epona necklace - on a giant seashell.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

jewelry branch

I may just have to do this.

snagged from because im addicted.
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Alexander Calder

Images from the book "The Intimate World of Alexander Calder"

I've always loved his work and the fact that he played in the jewelry sandbox.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Let's shake on it

Kool video on a cool project. Che-che-check it out:

I always enjoy that Kiwie accent. One day I'll visit there!
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The Trifecta Reigns supreme

The Grand Trifecta: Tara Locklear, Sarah West, Lisette Fee

Our awesome gift bags.
We are such a great team, Sarah bought the tissue paper and bags and
Tara and Sarah did the labels!

Dorky jewelry gals, myself, Sarah West,
Sarah Watkins (owner of Caramel boutique) and
Tara Locklear in front of our display table.

A lil' display table of our jewelry at Caramel boutique

Two of my favorite people in D.C.,
my bestie Eva Henninger (on my left) and Summer Simpson (on my right).

Folks taking in the awesomeness of the Trifecta Trunk show
at Marvin's (hip and too-cool bar/restaurant)

Models getting excited and dressed up in
Philissa's clothing line, Thembe Fashions.

Thembe Fashions sassy dress and
Sarah West Designs record jewelry.

Another fabulous dress (I really want one!) by Thembe Fashions
of Philissa Williams
. And of course, concrete necklace by Tara Locklear.

Beautiful and very funny Jilian sporting my
deer antler necklace and ring for the fashion show.

Jillian looking quite radiant and beautiful in Thembe Fashions
and Eilisain Jewelry.

I don't know where to begin about this past weekend's Trifecta Trunk show with Sarah West and Tara Locklear. I had so much fun, worked my ass off and learned so much about putting on a trunk show. Sarah and Tara and I are learning so much and I feel so lucky to work with them on this show and on future shows. We work very well together, being very efficient and organized.

So many of my friends and family came out in support and it meant the world to me. Not only that but strangers and fellow artists came to the shows to see our latest work and have fun! And last but not least, all the free publicity from fellow artists and designers. It feels wonderful - I had the biggest, cheesiest grin on my face all day at Marvin's!

The fashion show at Marvin's organized by the very multi-talented Philissa Williams of Thembe Fashions was so bangin' and HAWT! Philissa is an independent and self taught fashion designer whom Tara serendibitously met through a friend of a friend. Philissa arranged for the fashion show and complimentary bloody mary drinks at Marvin's to showcase our jewelry.

The fashion show was so exciting to me because it fulfilled a childhood fantasy of mine - I always wanted to be a fashion designer, so this was just perfect. Not only that, the music, by DJ Sludge was off the hook. It was the perfect way to end the weekend.

So now I want to thank all who came to the show, that posted the show on your blog and news outlets!! THANK YOU!

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Success at the first Trifect Trunk Show

Here is Mrs. Figley aka Marty Rhodes Figley (talented and wonderful writer - also my sister in law's Mother) wearing an Epona piece, deer antler with a deer antler casting with an Alexandrite stone casting.

Last nights Trifecta Show Trunk was a success and wonderful to see old and new friends. I have so much more to tell but I gotta get back to work and prep for tonight's show.

Thank you for reading.
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's almost here: Trifecta Trunk Show!!!

Gah, it's this weekend and we're almost ready for the show. Earlier this evening Sarah, Tara and I met to finalize details. We are very excited and can't wait to show off our hard work.

We hope to see you there, it's going to be alot of fun!
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mexican dream

I'm back! I feel like I was gone years, my trip to Mexico was beautiful and amazing. I have never met more generous, humble, industrious and talented people. I feel so blessed to have had the experience to visit.

There is so much to process and meditate on, I'm not yet ready to post all the photos. But here is one, especially for the metalsmiths. Photo was taken just outside our hotel in Taxco, Mexico.

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