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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

artist statement...style?

Throughout the course of this past year, mainly during my enamels class, I’ve begun to ask myself, what is my style? Or as many say in the contemporary jewelry field say, your ‘language’. I think I’m getting there; in developing the idea and message behind what I create. This blog is certainly helping me formulate my style, as I analyze and contemplate what I’m making and challenging the wearer to do the same.

With my post about influence, it prompted me to think how universal myths about regeneration, shape shifting and transformation are representative of the many experiences we go through everyday especially in relationships. ‘The Fire’ represents a transformative part of life. In Pagan beliefs, the cauldron is an event (like near death or an accident or simply a revelation) that changes you; into the cauldron you go and come out inspired and renewed.

The word cauldron is a figurative word, however such a word conjures more of an understanding of what it really is. I pulled out one of my John and Caitlin Matthews' books (they are experts on Celtic mythology) and found this quote

'The Gundestrup Cauldron, a vast silver vessel discovered in Denmark and dated to the 4th of 3rd centurcy BCE depicts a queue of warriors waiting to be deposited into a deep cauldron in an initatory or sacrificial way...As the cauldron was the primary giver of bodily nourishment, it is hardly surprising that it was also a symbol of inspiration, knowledge, wisdom and rebirth.' They go on to say the following 'In our time, where direct sources of inspiration are mocked and marginalized, such a fundamental trust seems misplaced. Yet all artists learn to trust the imagination as the seed-bed of inspiration training it to receive the eternal truth and the deep knowledge of the otherworld.'

So relevant to how important it is to support artists and nurturing them. for if we did not have artists, stories and history would never be carried on, to provide us context and lessons.

I could go on and on about the Celts and their belief system but the point of this post is that it has led me toealize my beliefs and desires to translate myths and stories are surfacing. The question is, how to do I translate them? How do I put my own stamp and recognizable style on my jewelry, while also making it wearable. That is yet to be developed!

Here are some sketches and ideas of what I'm thinking of doing...

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