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Monday, August 24, 2009

shiny new coral necklace!

So here is the necklace I redid from my previous post. Now, I am happy with my necklace, it's fun and subtle. I added a Panamanian 'reprosa' bead. Reprosa is short hand for Reproducciones y Originales, S.A.
My Mom has given me some reproductions of Pre-Columbian jewelry and I always love mixing it in the necklaces I make. They are very unique and completely recognizable. Most of the jewelry they create is indicative of the their surroundings, frogs, flowers, birds and much more. The Panama Post has a great article on their factory and process.

I'll have to visit their factory next time I visit Panama....which may be for awhile (since I'm in school and accruing debt). I LOVE visiting my family their, nothing like your native country to awaken patriotism. Don't get me wrong, I love the U.S. for all it's wonderful conveniences but when I travel to Panama, I'm brought back to my roots. Fried plantains, mango juice and the beautiful beaches.

The last time I was there I bought a lovely burnt coral necklace - I get so many compliments on it and so next time I'm there, I plan on investigating where I can get more! Pin It

Friday, August 21, 2009

coral necklace.1

coral necklace.1
Originally uploaded by lisettef14

Slightly more pleased with this coral necklace...but something is missing. Often times I find myself teetering between the line of too much and the 'something is missing'. It's a fragile one, that I feel confounds many designers, in the beginning.
I'm leaning more towards leaving it as is, all I need to do is create a pretty clasp.
Please, ECU classes, come soon so I can have access to a studio!

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coral necklace2

coral necklace2
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When I pulled out my wooden beads and put it next to the coral - I was truly pleased with the color scheme.
Then when I had the inclination to put a 3 strand coral bead between them, well I thought it'd be perfect! argh! not so. when I held it up to my neck - I knew the error of my first thought. The wood and large barrel coral beads are too much on the sides. I'll have to change it around.

I worked on this most of the morning and evening...only to have to backtrack. But hey, this is playing and it's all about trial and error.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

settling into my new home

It happened, I made the move to Greenville, NC to study at ECU's School of Art and design. Where many great jeweler's are studying and graduated (Amanda Outcalt, Mara Friedland, Marlene True and several others I can't even name).

I've been here for 6 days and am itching to start classes - not only to get into the groove of being a student but also to meet people! I only know 2 people here and I'm definitely beginning to miss my friends. However the solitude is just what I need but at the same time I've found myself wanting to indulge in a little vacation before all the work begins!

Needless to say, last night I sat down at my bench, after organizing all my equipment and things, and began to work on a coral necklace, using the beads my Mom gave me. In addition I drafted some initial sketches of ideas floating in my head. What I'm most looking forward to doing, now that I'll be a part time student is getting the wisdom and insight from professors and my fellow students on focusing and harnessing my design aesthetic. Sometimes I feel like I'm all over the place in terms of what I'm working on that I get lost!

So I've decided to draft a document, a personal statement, on my goals, ideas and essence behind my work. At least I'll have it down on paper.

For now, check out Emi Savacool's work, I just discovered her last night on Daily Art Muse, she creates incredible jewelry pieces inspired and in the likeness of insects, beautiful beetles and bees. She does a great job of documenting her work on her blog, check it out.
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Monday, August 10, 2009

best for last

I've been MIA from my usual jewelry routine these past 2 weeks.

Dinner with old friends and drinks and many, many goodbyes have kept me from sketching or actual benchwork. Plus I know I'll have plenty of time in school.

My actually going back to school and leaving the DC are hit me like a ton of bricks on Saturday, my last day at the shop. My life is going to change dramatically, not to sound dramatic.

One thing I know, I am really looking forward to being in an artist's environment. Anywho, I've made slow progress working on my current projects. On Sunday at the torpedo factory I began a silver chain for the lotus enameled pendant. I've decided that's what I'm calling it. I enjoy making my own chains primarily because I design the structure.
And during the packing of this week, I'll continue to sketch and draft ideas for the eye and another project, involving absolutely beautiful coral beads my Mom bought at the worlds longest flea market - for a steal!!!
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Style, Businesswoman crush

I'll admit it I have total woman crushes; female role models.
Especially creative, feminist and brilliant genius women that own themselves - they inspire me. Lately I've been reading more and more about Diane von Furstenberg and how she's recreated herself many times, rising up from the ashes of failure.

A recent article in the New York Times profiles von Furstenberg. She talks about why she markets herself in one category, women's wear; not children's clothing or men's. She also justifies primarily hiring women for her company. She's the kind of wise woman I want to be one day. Pin It

Monday, August 3, 2009

Hairpin(Kanzashi) Fuchsia

Hairpin(Kanzashi) Fuchsia
Originally uploaded by Koubou-SETSU

Setsuko Sanagawa creates magnificent jewelry and art pieces such as this hairpin, it has an art nouveau essence. I'm enthralled. Her creativity challenges me. She is from Toronto, Canada and I'm very curious to know the origin of her name, very unique.

I find that often, music, to me, is the vocal expression of certain jewelry. I've been listening, relentlessly to a Feist song, 'Honey, Honey'. This hairpin would be a perfect manifestation of the Feist song. The song seems to swirl and move like water, just as this hairpin does.

This evening I began developing a necklace, for which I call The Eye. Greeks use a similar symbol as, the Third Eye to ward off evil. I had a sketch from a previous notebook and just happened to pull it out. I'd like to repoussee and combine 2 metals; silver and brass with a bloodstone.

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Going away

Saying goodbye is so hard to do. 2 more weeks before I pack up and leave for North Carolina. I'm very, very excited but I know that within these last 2 weeks I must tie loose ends, give big hugs, share a last drink and say goodbye to the DC metro area.
I know, it's not the last time I'll be here however, it's an end to the life I've led. Working in the city, commuting to Old Town to work at the shop or the Torpedo Factory. Life isn't going to be the same. I'm used to this tho, growing up as an Army brat, I always knew that I'd have to say goodbye. It was hard but at the same time it got me used to adjusting and meeting new people. And since I moved back here in 2002, I crave that newness and different environment.
So, today I studio sat again for Jenae, and I worked on another ring but also studied the process of 2 current projects.
Below is the first sketch I did of the necklace I've begun. The pendants will be enameled but I'm debating on acid etching them to utilize the champ levee technique OR I could pierce out a tree and solder it on...however the silver is already 18 gauge so there is no need add more silver.
I've decided to wait until I get to school...I sorta don't have a choice since I have no access to enamels or a kiln.

This is the photo that inspired me. It's a cave in Puerto Rico. the clutch was part of the triangular inspiration.
....getting distracted and watching True Blood. Not going to have HBO when I'm in college. Pin It