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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Aurelian Nights is almost here...

Almost a week away...oh jeez, I'm excited, nervous and close to elated that it's almost here!
Below is one of the show posters we had designed.  I wish the jewelry was less clustered but I wanted to have several images on the poster to get a wide representation.  

The image on the left, bracelet is Laurel Fulton (steel and brass), the middle necklace is Drew Curtright (LOVE it, she blackened copper and then added some sparkle) and then Ellen Hinrichs amazing neckpiece. 

Event RSVP on Facebook
And an additional poster for The Closet.  I love the variety of girls, styles and poses.
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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

In the studio with blacksmith Zack Noble

Continuing on with my Penland studio visit posts, after meeting with Hoss Haley we mosied on over to Zack Noble's studio.  

Zack is a warm and welcoming artist, and his shop is just the same with an extensive amount of tools and space.  Similar to Hoss Haley, Zack also worked and taught at Penland and does commission based work.  
It seems that within the blacksmithing world as in the jewelry world, you can do commissions which aren't always what the artist would like or run your own body of work but bust your ass trying to sell it!

Zack shared with us some tricks of the trade, how he acquired some of his machinery and his future projects.  It was a real treat!  Zack's shop is located in the River Arts District of Asheville, a little farther from downtown but in a great location.  

Amir and Zack sharing stories.  Shana on the right. 

A large expansive studio, so jealous!

One of Zacks assistant.  I forget his name, but he's an amazing artist!

Loved these candle holders!

Imagine these pieces first as a long thick piece of iron and then forged in opposing directions. 

All the work in the photos above are in Zack's gallery in front of the studio. 
Thanks for reading!
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Monday, August 19, 2013

My jewelry is on the cover of a magazine

Words can not describe how I felt when I saw my earrings on the cover of Eide magazine....wow, wow, and wow.

And it's on sale at Whole Foods on the East Coast!!!

How cool is it, that she has a string of cherries around her neck?!

And there it is, my earrings on the model on the left. 

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Vespa Collection coming soon

Earlier in the summer I found a tiny wasp nest and then a bigger one, and it had seemed that our apartment had a perfect setting for wasps to make their nests.  Of course I thought, let me cast this little nest.  And I did, then I began to study the nest and noticed it had a five wall pattern, a pentagon.  

Then I began to play with the shape in the studio, I initially wanted to incorporate the cast nest into structured pieces but it just didn't go together well.  And the further I played the more the pentagon became a shape that I wanted to repeatedly use.

Thus, the Vespa collection, vespa is the latin term for hornets.  The name stuck with me and I decided to call my fall/winter collection Vespa.  This collection, ironically enough is perfect for the black and gold exhibition/jewelry in motion fashion show I'm co-producing for Art Avenue.  

I'm releasing the jewelry on Monday, September 2nd.  I don't think I've ever been more excited about a collection, I think it's because it's a bit of a departure for me from my previous collections and barely has cast elements which gives me a break from the process (as much as I love it)!

Here is just a teeny sneak peak of the collection....
Vespa ring, faceted citrine and sterling silver.  All rights reserved.  Photo by Lisette Fee
Vespa ring, faceted citrine and sterling silver.  All rights reserved.  Photo by Lisette Fee
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Monday, August 12, 2013

Studio visit with Hoss Haley

My Penland adventure continues with the studio visit of Hoss Haley, sculptor and overall badass guy.  Hoss was very gracious and informative of his experience working with basic tools and his ingenious engineering skills.

Hoss told of us his childhood growing up in Kansas, being around farm tools and machinery that provided him with the understanding and basics of making his own tools.  Hoss began as a blacksmith but over time realized the toll it would take on his body so he moved towards larger scale sculpture, utilizing scrapyard material to form his pieces.  Hoss is often commissioned to create city sculptures and installations.  

All of the students in the session 5 Kinetic Adornments course were in awe of Hoss and his studio.  His tool collection is impressive, as are his model pieces. 

Below are the photos I snapped of his studio and office.  Hope you enjoy them!

Hoss showing us some car parts he plans on forming into pieces.

This machine was like a giant dapping tool.  Loud but awesome!
A piece still in the early phases.
like water rippling from the center.

Neela (an architect) was enraptured by Hoss's samples

I really loved this white steel anvil.

Perfect place to hang your studio glasses.
A giant c clamp.

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Auerlian Nights Fashion Show/Jewelry in Motion

 These past couple days have been SO crazy! I left Penland on Tuesday, got into Greenville late into the night and the very next day I was meeting with all the people who are working on the Aurelian Nights fashion show.

I miss Penland already however, I missed my cats much more.  I was cuddling with them the whole night.

Okay, so back to this fabulous fashion show I'm co-producing with Paula Chrismon of the Closet Consignment boutique.  The idea began several months ago after I wrapped up my own first photoshoot, I was talking it over with Paula how black and gold is such a rich and glamorous combination, that and that really we should collaborate on an event to celebrate to jewelry and clothing. 

So here we are and Paula and I are in the midst of going a bit crazy, but in a good way.  We will be publishing a lookbook for the show and a video! 

I'm also very thrilled about the roster of jewelers participating in the show, drum roll please....
Autumn Brown
Danielle James
Drew Curtright
Brittany Brisson
Lisette Fee
Margaret Hinrichs
Biba Schutz
Ellen Hinrichs
Leia Zumbro
Samantha Clarke
Amir Friedman

I will have more images of the jewelry soon, all will be photographed by either myself or Brittany.  So stay tuned! 

GeoJane necklace by Brittany Brisson photo by Brittany Brisson and property of Miss Brisson.
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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Studio visit with Joanna Gollberg

Two days ago, our Kinetic Adornments class took a field trip into Asheville to visit several artists' studios and also check out galleries. 

We were so lucky to have Shana Loconsole in our class; she knows and works for several artists in Asheville and she was able to use her connections to get us a special tour of these artists.  I'll be posting photos of the visits over the next several days.  

Our first stop was Mora Jewelry, and Joanna Gollberg's amazing studio.  Joanna was so gracious, knowledgeable and forthcoming with her struggles and success' as a jeweler and co-gallery owner with Marthe Le Van (Mora Collection Jewelry).  Joanna has such a great studio space and methods for working with a wide variety of stones. 

Below are photos I snapped, hope you enjoy!

Bench of Jeff, who co-rents the studio with Joanna.

Shana and her brother looking over Joanna's bench, as well as Shana's bench.

An ingenious system for drawing down wire!

Joanna being her funny, smart and generous with her time! 

SO envious of her stone collection, was like being in a candy store!!

laid out pieces and jewelry ready for stones to be set.

Our class (minus 3 students).  We've become a little family over the past two weeks.
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