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Sunday, June 14, 2009


I work part time at a silverware repair/restoration shop in Old Town Alexandria. The guys I work with are supremely talented. I'm always amazed though at the dichotomy between my aspirations and vision and the traditional yet exceptional work of the 18th and 19th century silver and goldsmith work. I revere it yet rail against the old look. However, the education I receive from working here is priceless.
Lawrence Miller has been working at his shop for 15+ years. What he does requires extreme skill, patience and practice. I primarily handle some incoming orders and processing of our 'tickets'. At times it gets oooooold however I'd rather stay behind the scenes...witnessing and listening to what he does versus handling customers...which requires another kind of patience.
It is a lesson in human behavior when working in the service industry.
Anywho, I'm eternally blessed for the opportunity I've been given to work at this shop.

PS - They're having an open house the weekend of June 26-28th. Wine, cheese, silver and estate jewelry...what more could a person ask for??? Pin It

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