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Friday, June 19, 2009

summer show - Studio 4903

One of my favorite studios/galleries is having a summer show this weekend, and I plan on attending tonight. I always enjoy visiting the jewelry galleries in the area to see what contemporary jewelers are creating, to network and gain some insight.

I met Analya Cespedes 2 years ago when I was working as an assistant for Biba Schutz (an incredible artist) and Analya was working for Petra Class (another amazing artist), our booths were across from each other and as most of these shows go, artists will wander to other booths and catch up. Analya and the other jewelers at 4903 are all wonderful people and their work is very cool. So if you live in the DC metro area check it out tonight or Saturday, June 20th 12-7pm.

Studio 4903
4903 Wisconsin Ave., 2nd Fl.
WDC 20016

Jewelerswerk is another great gallery that has international as well as stateside artists.

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