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Sunday, June 14, 2009

those that came before me

As I go through the motions of practicing and learning metalsmithing, I remind myself that jewelry making is an ancient art form and one that goes back much farther than many of the other arts. Humans created jewelry and pottery around the same time (I don't have that time specifically but you get my idea). And to me that symbolizes much more than history but represents the idea of adorning oneself. In the beginning humans didn't care much for clothing, and beads, bones etc. were a way to signify achievements and prestige.
What got me thinking on this? it's a quote a found...from some blog or I don't know where but I use as my signature, "the first time ever that human beings created an exterior mirror image of that which was going on in their brains (interior), they did it through the activity which we currently could call jewelry making." Otto Kuenzli.
*above photos of my tools...and my beloved Fretz hammer.
my bench...and a glass of wine Pin It

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