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Friday, January 31, 2014

ECU Symposium Material Matters review; Part 1: Reliqury Redux Exhibition

Per usual I will do a review of the symposium; they will be short and sweet.  First I'm going to begin with one of my favorite exhibitions from the weekend, the Reliquary Redux which was curated by my good friend Danielle James, Kate Speranza and Zach Lechtenberg.  

I've always held a fascination with life and death and the morbid things in life, so it's no surprise this was my favorite exhibition.  What I loved most about this exhibition was the range in pieces; some where objects, jewelry, sculpture and prints.  And they all touched upon death and the memento of death and life in such diverse means.

Here are images (from my iphone..) that were my favorite.  Please excuse the photo quality, I'll never be a good one!  
For some reason i couldn't get the entire show title, but I really loved it.  Looked so great
next to the hanging piece
Lin Stanionis piece...AMAZING to see in person.  

If this were life size, I'd crawl into it!
My favorite of all the exhibition pieces.  So haunting.

My roomie from last year, Emma Olivia's exquisite pieces.
Luana Coonen's amazing pieces, I've long admired her work.
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Monday, January 27, 2014

RAW Awakening selected artist

Well here it is, I'm doing my first big show/sale of the year.  I'm really excited to be a part of the RAW events, I'd heard about them before through several other jeweler friends.  

I'm also very excited it's going to be part of a bigger event, as in, so many other talented artists will be at this event as well.  With that said, I need to sell tickets! 

If you live in or around the Charlotte, NC area, I would love to see you at the event, you can purchase tickets here.  The tickets are only $15, which I think is a great deal for a show.  And see my profile here

And for anyone that purchases a ticket to the event, will be entered into a raffle to WIN a Hunted bronze owl talon charm & chain.  

If you can't attend the event, I completely understand but you can still support it! If I don't sell all 20 tickets, they come out of my pockets...which are quite small.  Thank you in advance and thank you for your constant support!

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Taxidermy and jewelry

I've always admired Julia's gorgeous jewelry, but didn't know she was a taxidermist.  I love this video of her slowly working on a baby chick for a future exhibition.  

I've seriously considered taking taxidermy courses and learning the craft.  Julia inspires me, especially with her ethical stance on animals.  
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Monday, January 20, 2014

Boticca Designer spotlight

Beside myself over this gorgeous inspiration board/interview Boticca did on my jewelry.

Here's the full interview.  Boticca really is amazing at the type of exposure they give to independent designers.  I feel so lucky to be part of their website and company!

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Renovations and new studio spaces at Art Avenue

 So it's been awhile since I've given you an update on Art Avenue.  Not sure if I even posted it, but Art Avenue did receive a city revitalization grant of $15,000 - woohoo! Which is what led us to move forward with renovating the back studio space; creating four new spaces for rent.  

First the floors were stripped of the very ugly tiles that have been there for ages, then we hired several guys (Jeremy Fineman and Andy Denton being two of them) to build wall space and floor boards to designate the new studio spaces.  We are beyond thrilled at how this will benefit the arts community in Greenville.  

And all of this will be semi-ready for the ECU Metals Symposium happening this coming weekend.  We've been literally busting our buns (from painting and squatting) to get this all done in time.   Some may not realize it but everyone that 'works' at Art Avenue is a volunteer; none of us are paid but we do it for the love of our art community and to make it bigger and better. 

Below are photos, taken by our resident photographer, Aileen Devlin of the all out paint/renovations we've had.   There are even more photos on the Art Avenue Facebook page

Sarah Setzco and Autumn paint the doors.
Andy bein' his usual silly self.
Our awesome construction/builder guys BJ and Mike.

Holly, a resident ceramicist came to help with her husband! We're so grateful!

There I am in the window on the other side of one of the new studio spaces.
And Jeremy Fineman bein' a clown! 

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

50/50 Exhibition

Following my previous post, here is the poster for the exhibition I'm participating in that will also be part of the ECU Symposium.  I was a bit speechless when I saw the list of participating artists, how did I manage to get invited to this stellar exhibition????

When Tara first sent me the invitation, I didn't realize it was 50 artist invited...and that I'd be among such talented and veteran artists.  I really can not wait to see the pieces in the exhibition, but I"m also a bit nervous that my piece won't hold a candle to the other works displayed.  

Nonetheless I am beyond honored to participate and feel immense gratitude for the invitation.  

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Friday, January 10, 2014

5th Annual ECU Metals Symposium: Image and Meaning

As I was typing this post I couldn't believe that it's been five years since the first symposium!!!

It gets better and better with each year.  I always look forward to the symposium because it's a reunion of sorts, with alumni visiting the school as well as Art Avenue and catching up with old friends and making new ones.  

With that I'll do a very short review of some of the events that will be happening in conjunction.  

The poster with a list of the presenters and workshops.  The ECU Metals guild does such an
awesome job of making everyone welcomed at ECU and Greenville. 

Of course Art Avenue is participating in the fun; we'll be hosting the exhibition curated by Mariah Ross, Nick Heyl and Samantha Clarke.  
And I'm especially excited to view the Reliquary Redux exhibition.  Reliquaries have such special meaning, it'll be interesting to see the many interpretations.  
The Reliquary Redux is curated by Danielle James, Kate Speranza and Zach Lechtenberg.

Psst. for first ECU Symposium post on my blog, click HERE and second click here
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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Boys & Girls

When I first began my Hunted line of jewelry or for that matter most of my jewelry, I never really considered if it was meant to be worn by a man or woman.  And when I think upon the subject, I am certain that jewelry should be genderless  (not that I don't believe a jeweler can have the intention for which gender it is meant for) .  So with that said, I love it that my jewelry is so unisex; it goes beyond what gender the wearer is and becomes a talisman of sorts. 

Jodie Bakker wearing her new Hunted bronze double badger claw necklace.
NIkki wearing the same necklace and his owl talon ring. 

I really am so lucky to be friends with quite a few of my customers and that they take the time to send me photos of them wearing it - thank you Jodie and Nikki!!

And thank YOU for reading. 
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