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Monday, January 17, 2011

ECU metals symposium was A-MAZING

Back row: Tom Muir, Bob Ebendorf, Michael Dale Bernard, Linda Darty and Nicole Jacquard
First Row: Provost (I don't know their names)

I'm going to start this post with a great photo of some incredible and legendary metalsmiths and jewelers. Tom Muir was in one word, funny. As you can imagine a legend like Tom would have many great stories and an incredible sense of humor. His workshop was excellent as well, I learned some great catch tips.

And there really is no introduction to Bob, I had a great time learning even more from him and also picking his brain for some future plans of mine (more on that later!).

Nicole Jacquard, well, many of us women in the symposium developed a bit of a girl crush on her, I know I did. I also developed a bit of a crush on Caroline Gore (not in this photo). Caroline has this calm and collected energy that she exudes that makes you feel that way too.

Michael Dale Bernard definitely has some incredible tricks up his sleeve. I really enjoyed the dynamic of the conference, this representation of legends along with innovative-thinking new 'legends' or more aptly worded, old guard and new guard. Michael did a workshop on powder coating that was super cool and fun.

I really could go on and on, and I will but one post at a time. For now though, I'm going to catch up on the sleep I lost from this wonderful extended-weekend.

I still can't believe I was surrounded by so many of wonderful people.

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