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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

book of the month: Fashion Jewellery: Catwalk and Couture

I've been wanting this book for awhile, and I finally broke down and bought it...I probably shouldn't have considering the spending I've been doing this holiday season, but oh well!

I highly recommend this book, if you love fashion and jewelry. What I especially like about the book is the interviews with the artist and learning how they got into the business. And how they relax as well...

David & Martin interview, Q & A.
And how do you relax?
Martin: Hunting, riding my motorbike, diving
David: Spending time in the forest, sauna, sex.
*So classic I had to post it.

This book features jewelry artists that have collaborated with major fashion designers, such as Lanvin, Marc Jacobs, Commes de Garcones, Alexander McQueen and more.

Here is a quote that I find interesting, from Ludovik Colpaert of Atelier 11 " 'Too many people still think of jewellery in terms of gold, silver, pearls and diamonds, We try to show them that contemporary jewellery can also be fun and what's more that it's entirely possible to be experimental and still be commercial."

You can see photos from the book on Coolhunting's website, they did a great review.
If you want to purchase the book, I'd get it from Amazon.

I'm still devouring this book. Jewellery books are my new obsession so...if you have any interesting, good jewelry book recommendations, let me know!

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