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Saturday, January 22, 2011

20-3-20 Rings

There were several exhibitions, like the 20-3-20 Ring, that occurred during the symposium weekend, and it was great to view them with all my friends from art school.

The 20-3-20 ring exhibition was curated by Justin Klocke and Michael Ruta and has traveled from Chicago to Greenville, NC and hosted an opening last night in Athens, Ga.
Rings on the swinging display.
Wonderful way to display them, and fondle the beautiful rings
Several of my studio mates, Margaret Puckett,
Dale Evans, Sam Woitovich and Heath Wagoner.

A trend I have recently noticed is the number of exhibitions created by fellow metalsmiths and makers that highlight each other's talent and a way to generate buzz for our work. It's also a great way to learn how to put a show up and understand the mechanics of getting galleries to purchase work. Got me thinking about maybe, doing an exhibition myself.
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