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Sunday, January 9, 2011

1st day of classes

It's a new year, and new classes; this semester I'm taking a textiles survey class, Jewelry I with Mi-Sook Hur, Raising and Forming with Tim Lazure and art history. 

I'm just a bit nervous about this semester...for several reasons, (1) Mi-Sook is a great teacher but hard; she is a meticulous metalsmith (which is exactly what I need),  (2) I'm already worried I'm going to get some serious forearm cramps from raising (I hammered today and that hurt!) and, (3) I'm teaching Thursday nights (hopefully, if enough students sign up).  I worry that it'll be quite a load; we'll see how it goes?!

But I'm hopeful and excited about this semester.  I know I'll be challenged and I vow to finish all my projects.
I don't have a photo for first day of classes, so I give you a photo of Liz Smith's brooches and sphere from her course with Mi-Sook.  Liz is really talented and good at metalsmithing. Liz and I have a similar design aesthetic. 

Brooches: cat bone, copper and sterling silver.  Sphere: Sterling silver. 
If you are also in school studying metals - I wish you luck and if you're a working metalsmith - good luck with your sales this year!
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