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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Featured Artist: Tara Locklear

Tara herself, in Italy last summer.

If you follow my blog or have read older posts, you'll recognize the name Tara Locklear.

Tara is also an undergraduate student in the metals program at ECU and a friend of mine. We work well together in the undergrad studio; from running the metals guild (Tara is the treasurer), maintaining the studio to coming up with ways to boost income for the guild and students.

Not only is she an awesome guild treasurer but a very talented metalsmith. It's been inspiring watching her work evolve and progress. Her work challenges me to rethink the material and have fun with it. You can see both an elegant lady but also a punk-rock chick wearing her pieces.

Tara loves experimenting with new materials and putting a modern spin on them - especially the look of gemstones, whether it's cast in silver or concrete.
Unbridled Royalty, 2010
(Tara has won several awards for this amazing necklace)

The Lighter Side of Status, 2011

Close up of center pendant.

Pile of Rocks ring, 2011

Cocktail Overload bracelet, 2010

Too Many Coctails ring, 2010

Rings on Deck, I & II (the ring on the left is mine and on the right is Kat Cole's) - from a trade)

Cast in Stone, 20111

From the pieces Tara's turned out within the past 2 years - I can foresee Tara going to some high places.

Stay tuned for details on our combined trunk show along with Sarah West this summer...it'll be kick-ass!

Thank you for reading and Happy Eostre!
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