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Monday, July 26, 2010

ECU Charm Exchange: Round 3

Last night the ECU metals guild held another fun charm swap and this one promised to be even more exciting; Tara Locklear and her awesome networking skills arranged for several more prominent metalsmiths to participate!

Such as Mary Hallam Pearse, her charm is the one below, that I got! I was very happy and excited to get hers.

The theme for our 3rd charm swap was "Circus".

At first I wasn't really sure what to do and finally after rummaging through my old bead box, I found this lion face that I'd picked up somewhere off the street. It was perfect, in addition to the back leaf that was part of a 'plate' at my cousins wedding in Austin.

Then I added 'fire' with the plastic wrap that my cherry tomatoes came in. I was very happy with it and even more perfect was that Tara got my charm.
Since hosting our charm swaps, Tara had another fantastic idea of submitting professional photos of our charms and sending a proposal to Lark books for a possible charm book! That would be so awesome, hopefully it'll come to fruition. Pin It

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