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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Youth Arts Festival

Today on the ECU campus the School of Art and Design along with other ECU students held our 7th Annual Youth Arts Festival.

Families came out and enjoyed all kinds of arts for the day - face painting, sculptures, making bird feeders, making clay pinch pots and of course jewelry making!

We had bottle caps that children could dap into domes or flatten on the anvil and then add a jump ring along with yarn to make a necklace.

I organized the metals guild to volunteer - despite most of us attending the many art openings, senior shows the night before (and after-parties)! I was definitely dragging this morning but it's always fun working with kids. They're so enthusiastic and curious.
Above Tina Lazzarine, metals guild secretary, showing a kid how to center punch the bottle caps.

We were fortunate to have some nursing students from the School of Medicine at ECU help us.

Below, Marlene True, (ECU metals and jewelry alumni - currently teaching at the Pocosin Folk Arts School) showing kids how to use her custom made hydraulic press to make small anvil magnets. I kinda wanted to snag one myself!
The day was perfect, after all the stormy weather Eastern North Carolina has gotten.

Hope you enjoyed the photos and thank you for reading!
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