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Friday, April 22, 2011

Impressive graduate show

ECU's College of Art and Design had several fantastic graduates put on an amazing show last week.

Part of me just doesn't want to accept that these talented artists (and good friends) are graduating...I'll miss them but it's been exciting seeing their work evolve and at the same time being so inspired by where it's taken them.

Ten graduates showing in the art school's Gray Gallery are: Jeremy Fineman (Ceramics) , Liz Steiner (Metal Design), Tim French (Painting), Chris Wooten (Sculpture), Leslie Shira (Fiber/Textiles), Marissa Saneholtz (Metal Design), Andy Denton (Sculpture), Steve Blouin (Wood Design), Laura Wood (Metal Design) and Amanda Micheletto (Fiber/textiles).

The combined show for all of them flowed very seamlessly and felt like being in a museum of revered objects (which they are).

Here are some photos of their work for the exhibition:

Leslie Shira Sculptures

Leslie Shira's awesome sculptures with textiles.

Stacks of Laura's 'paper' plates

Large view of all her pins

Sideshot of pins

Upclose shot of Laura Wood's lovely pins (I want one SO bad)

Chris Wooten's awesome busts

Chris Wooten's sculpture of Andy

Weaving chair (immaculate craftsmenship)

Steve's chairs

Upclose photo of mirror (enameled, tin, copper)

Mannequins and necklaces
Universal joint necklace (=ridiculously talented)

Telephone necklace (brooch/pendant)

Dresser set (comb, mirror and brush)

Marissa's comb and compact

Passover dinner set

Jeremy Fineman's beautiful mugs and sets

Yoga pose - Andy's sculpture
One of Andy's sculptures

*I completely forgot to shoot Liz Steiner's work but you can see some photos of hers on Flickr.

I hope you enjoyed my colleagues work - I definitely did!

Thanks for reading.
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  1. Great post Lisette! But I have to point out that the fiber sculptures are by Leslie Shira, a sculpture grad, not Leslie Pearson.

  2. whoops! thanks Liz, I got them confused.