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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Visiting Artist: Boris Bally

Images taken from Velvet Da Vinci website
Last night the ECU metal and jewelry department had the pleasure of hosting Boris Bally and viewing his work up close.

Boris is that kind of person that draws you in immediately; demanding your attention. And his journey as an artist and experience is very interesting but not completely unique as a metalsmith/designer/jeweler.

Boris is largely self taught but I found it very interesting that he got his start as an apprentice at 19 years old at a goldsmith studio/shop in Switzerland. And from there, Boris' interest in metals was sparked. Unfortunately I was late (had to work) for the beginning of Boris' presentation, and what his parents did as a profession however I did learn that his family loved to travel and his father taught at Carnegie Mellon University as did Boris.

Boris never went to school for an MFA which is quite impressive when you view his work and how much he learned and investigated on his own. He taught himself how to raise a vessel, and spin on a lathe...I could go on and on.

I have so much respect for artists that take that first step to learn a craft on their own - it's SO hard when you don't have anyone teaching you the right way to do things.

Boris is continuing his visit in North Carolina with a trip to the Pocosin Folk Arts School where Marlene True is heading up the metals program. I'm sure the students and visitors will be just as entertained and enthralled by his artistic evolution as we were!

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