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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Featured Artist: Marlene True

M. True herself!
You are the Assassin: Tin, enamel, pearls, etched

Gia: enamel, tin, copper, etched
Hunter's Badge: Tin, copper, found objects, 2.5mm diamond
Ephemeral Series: Steel and plastic

I recently met the infamous, Marlene True, several weeks ago, when I provided visiting artist Jesse Bert a ride to Pocosin Arts Folk School. I write 'infamous' because when I met the other graduate students of the metals/jewelry program at ECU almost two years ago, they raved about Marlene, and simply referred to her as 'M.True'.

I thought, who is this woman? And when can I meet her?! Sometimes when I meet fabulous people, or more specifically an artist, that everyone is talking about, I get shy and a intimidated, so I didn't introduce myself immediately. But when I met Marlene at Pocosin, it was about time I put my shyness away. And come to find, she is very approachable and very, very talented and savvy.

As you can see, Marlene is a lover of tin. And she creates beautiful pieces with tin, that voice her style as a metalsmith but also a modern commentary on classic themes and ideas. Such as Hunter's Badge, a classic image of the deer with antlers but also a distinct red cross and diamond.

The first two photos above are the pieces I respond to the most, and I have a feeling it's older work of Marlene's. I respond to the pendant and brooch because they speak to my own work and what I'm attracted to.

Marlene is currently residing in Columbia, NC where she teaches at the Pocosin Arts Folk School. Marlene has worked very hard to create an excellent metals and jewelry studio at Pocosin; she was able to secure funding to bring big name artist's to teach workshops; such as Jesse Bert, Boris Bally, Bruce Barnett and Tim Lazure, along with many others. You can view photos of the workshops and friend Pocosin on Facebook.

I hope you enjoyed reading about M. True and if you get a chance, visit her at Pocosin and sign up for her classes - it's worth it!
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