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Friday, June 3, 2011

Embossed cards

Some close up shots of my embossed cards. I'm really psyched about them, they provide a consistent and professional look to my jewelry.

The above embossing was the second try, with smaller text and
with Jewelry at the bottom...geez that was a test in my sawing skills!

Here is a very general guide to how I embossed my cards - it was very simple, even if you don't have a print roller, you could still emboss cards or paper.
What I did:
  • Print out my logo, but in smaller text; pasted the paper onto a sheet nickel silver (someone left out the perfect size in the studio) or any other cheap metal
  • Pierced out the words (was not an easy task), file and sanded the metal smooth,
  • Then I placed my pierced nickel silver on the print roller,
  • moistened the BFK paper (special and soft),
  • then rolled it through so that it embossed my paper and voila, I have my own packaging paper!
And larger text of Eilisain.

I plan on adding color to the text, I bought some purple ink and plan on trying it out this weekend. We'll see how that goes!

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