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Thursday, June 2, 2011

My first outdoor market

Yesterday was a great day for Greenville's 1st Umbrella market of the summer.

Julie did a great job of setting up our table, I got to the market a bit later because I had to work but it was perfect timing - the sun was just beginning to move away and not be so blistering hot and humid.

And we both made sales - so that made us happy!

Julie and I at our booth
(I don't know why I look glum, I was in a great mood)

My handmade embossed cards!
I'm so proud of my marketing skills, and using the printmaking equipment.

Awesome displays, arranged by Julie.

Pretty seashells decorate the table and display Julie's jewelzzzz.

I had this pretty market-goer model one of Julie's necklaces,
she was wearing the perfect top for it.

If you didn't make it out to the Umbrella market or live too far away, you can always check us out on Etsy. Eilisain Jewelry and Julie DiNitto Designs.

Thanks for stoppin' by my blog.
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  1. I am diggin' that necklace. How much would one like that cost? I may have an idea for you ;)


  2. Hi Erika! hope I'm not too late, I'm not sure how much it is, Julie DiNitto made it, here is her Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/people/jdinitto?ref=ls_profile

    I'd love to hear your ideas ;-)