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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Self portrait

Whew, this summer has been busy, and it's only the beginning of June!

I'm almost done with my printmaking class and I've really enjoyed it - despite feeling the effects on my body from hunching over the wood carving or my hand hurting from cutting into linoleum endlessly, I love to see the effects on paper.

Printmaking is almost like an advanced method of drawing but in a different medium. I'm not the best at drawing (especially proportional figures) however I find that printmaking has introduced me to new methods of imprinting on paper, and how to transfer drawings to other mediums, such as linoleum, woodchip board and clothing.

It is a very labor intensive craft and one that I find challenging yet gratifying.

This is what it looks like when cutting into MDF (my classmate Cristina)Other students in progress.

Below is my first 'pull' (aka draft) of my MDF (medium density fibreboard) linocut, basically you cut into the woodchip and get a relief of the image.

MDF cutting

First pull

2nd pull

Close up shot

I wouldn't say it's an exact portrait but I really love the line quality and the detail of my lips and eyes.

What do you think? hope you're enjoying the summer - thx for stoppin by my blog.
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