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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

last day of printmaking

I've really enjoyed this class, I learned quite a bit in a short amount of time. However, the class was also draining, standing most of the time, cranking the press bed and constantly editing and proofing. I have a new found respect for printmakers.

Here are photos of Matt Egan, our professor, showing us how to screenprint. It was a quick demo and has me wanting to learn more. However, I'm slowly considering it, as Egan is a demanding professor.

Matt taping the borders of the screen, so as to prevent any acrylic from seeping in.
Matt applying the acrylic.

Matt powerwashing the emulsion off of the screen.

Our collaborative screenprint for our portfolio covers, on the drying rack.

The final product!

I was really happy Matt decided to give a brief demo on screenprinting, which I've been wanting to know more about, for awhile. Matt had each of the students make a design in black and white and then put it onto one image for our portfolio covers. My design is the moth in the middle.

Now I'm off to take my printmaking exam...wish me luck!

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