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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Song of the Day: Malaguena by Connie Francis

Oh how rapturous and flamenco-inspired is this song, Malaguena sung by Connie Francis?

I discovered her Spanish cover songs while watching 2046, a Chinese film about a writer and his love affairs...how random is that? But that is what I love about foreign films.

Here is a short live clip version of her singing:

How in the world does she carry those high notes, I have no clue but it's so awesome. Those 50's hairstyles, fashion and women are so classic and feminine, somedays I wish life (only that part of life) was still like that, when fitted dresses, beehives and kitten heels were in style.
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  1. Malagueña viene de Málaga, un lugar maravilloso de España.

  2. No sabia! un dia voy a viajar por Espana y visitar Malaga, la familia de mi Abuelita viene del parque cerca de Montserrat. Y voy alli tambien.