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Friday, August 7, 2015

Buying jewelry for others

The Asteria Collection. 
Photo by Amber Burnette of Dekay Photography
 Jewelry holds a place in the world as one of the best gifts you can give someone, and it holds special meaning for special occasions as you already know (proposals, anniversaries, graduations etc.) but it's also one of the trickiest.

I've learned as jeweler that certain types of jewelry are easier to gift than others.  For example, rings are wonderful and one of my favorite pieces to wear except it's the hardest to gift someone as you may not know their ring size.

My favorite type of jewelry to gift is a necklace
#1 - they can always use the chain for another pendant. 
#2 - you don't need to know their size, it's very simple.

Pins and brooches are great too for those same reasons.

The key to purchasing jewelry for a loved one is to pay attention to what they like and wear.  For example, you can pick up whether or not the person loves silver or golden jewelry (doesn't have to be gold, it can be bronze or copper).  And whether or not they enjoy jewelry that has a certain motif, such as elephants or cats.

 Here are some more tips when purchasing jewelry as a gift:
  • Ask the jeweler or store if they take exchanges, that way you can use a gift receipt 
  • Meticulously check the quality of the piece, if it's stamped and the setting of the stone to ensure it will be a long lasting piece
  • Ask for gift wrapping
  • check the ratings and referrals and reviews of the jeweler or store
  • Request care instructions for the piece of jewelry
The Hunted II silver badger claw necklace with a teardrop moonstone

I hope that these tips and advice assists you in your next jewelry purchase as a gift or even if it's for yourself!

Stay lovely-
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