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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Joy, I've discovered Podcasts

Being a person that loves to absorb new knowledge and also enjoys technology I finally decided to check out podcasts.  I'd heard about the NPR podcasts and one podcast that got me into this new form of news  was Design*Sponge After the Jump.

Anywho, podcasts are a great way to have background noise as well as learn something new while working in the studio.  And several months ago Etsy did a great review of several informative business podcasts.  Now I feel the need to share my list with you!

Me, back when I was DJing at WZMB.  
The best photo I could think of for this post!
1.  After the Jump hosted by Design*Sponge creator Grace Bonney
Even though they haven't held any new 2015 episodes, I highly recommend listening to the older ones as they are SO informative for creative individuals, business owners and creative individuals.  I love Grace's honesty and style of hosting.  She's incredibly curious and fun!

2.  Launch Grow Joy series by Andrea Ayers
Andrea is SUPER knowledgeable in almost all areas of running a small yet successful business.  I've found her series so helpful for everything from blogging, pinterest to contacting editors for features in publications.  Andrea has great guests that are movers and shakers in the small business arena.

3.  Death, Sexy and Money with Anna Sales
I just only started listening to this series but already it's got me hooked.  One episode was super heavy but enlightening on the way siblings love and almost hate each other.  Anna has such a great even tempo voice and ask such probing but gentle questions.

4.  Damn Art Majors with Adam, Sara and Dudders
This one is special as it consists of 3 ECU alumni art students! The three of them get together and discuss all sorts of fun aspects of art, being an artist, comic book love and of course beer.

5. GenNext Jewelers
This one I just discovered and is definitely more an industry insiders look into the jewelry business.  I've found it somewhat informative but also very much from a business perspective.  It may not be for everyone but one that I go to every now and again.

I hope this list get's your interest peeked into podcast, they're fun and a good change up in the studio or office if you're tired of music or just dead silence!

thanks for reading and stay lovely,
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