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Friday, March 25, 2011

song of the day: Deep Red Bells by Neko Case

I can't stop playing this song. Neko has the strongest and most beautiful voice of female contemporary singer/songwriters today.

And she's quite beautiful, I have a bit of a girl crush on her.

As you know, Fridays evenings 6-8pm, I'll be DJing at WZMB (livestreaming). Tonight's theme will be 'otherworlds'; where does music take you and what songs seem to conjure other planets and lifetimes.

As Andistan (another DJ at WZMB says) turn off the ME-Pod of and turn on the we-pod radio!

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  1. Neko is one of my favourites!! I met her a few years ago! She is lovely :)

  2. oh wow, that is awesome you got to meet her, one day I'll see her live.

  3. she is amazing live! just perfect!! :)