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Monday, March 14, 2011

Life Anniversary

Is today - someone wished me that - for my Birthday!

I feel so much love and happiness (as dorky as that sounds) today from my closest friends and family, feels good to be loved.

I'm indulging myself with all the things that make me happy, like shopping for new tools. My parents gave me a gift certificate to Rio Grande.
So I'm getting a steel mittering jig and a steel block and some other things I need...it's amazing how quickly money goes when you're buying tools. But I'm grateful just to have what I have.

I thought about getting a Fretz chasing hammer but after talking with my teacher, Tim Lazure, he recommended I get a custom made hammer from one of his friends...I think that's even better.

When investing in tools, I've found that even though some tools are expensive - they're expensive for a reason because they're good; so I always consider how often I'll use it and whether I'm willing to deal with a cheaper quality tool (which I rarely do). Anywho, it's been fun doing my shopping - now back to the real world.

Thank you for reading!
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