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Thursday, March 24, 2011

artist statement

So I finally finished and edited my artist statement. I'm pleased with it and think it reflects who I am as an artist.

Let me know what you think!

I can vividly recall, when I was a young girl, asking my mother if I could play with her jewelry and then ask her where she bought it. Perhaps it was a silver chased brooch she bought in Thailand or the ruby, pearl and gold earrings that were her aunts from Panama. Stories and memories are carried through her jewelry. My work expresses my own journey and conversation with the material. My habit of collecting natural and found objects such as shells, coral, tagua nuts, deer antler, seeds, and rough stones reflect where I’ve lived and what I experienced at the time.

Body adornment is a significant part of our human culture and history. Archeologists and historians have uncovered a wealth of information from the jewelry and body adornment left behind by our ancestors. I translate my own life, ideas and thoughts through the jewelry I create.

There is a wildness and foreign sense in my jewelry, as if it was found in a remote and undiscovered part of the world. For example, the Epona necklace evokes images of a matriarchal huntress wearing it proudly at a ceremony and my Rebirth ring conjures visions of female anatomy; a ring that perhaps a shaman would wear. My work reflects my own desire to create a world full of fascinating and intriguing ‘artifacts’.

Thanks for reading.
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