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Sunday, March 6, 2011

reaching back in time

Being an artist you can never escape the past but for me it often goes deeper; to the root of spirituality and beliefs - and yes, an ethereal quality.

Above is my 2nd raised vessel - but this vessel is not for my raising and forming class but for Jewelry I, in which the assignment is to make a container that tells a story.

I drew several, unsuccessful sketches and finally came upon an idea to raise and chase a vessel that tells a story of creation and energy. Waves of water on the outside, earth on the inside and a crystal on the lid (the creation). The main and challenging component of the container is the hinge. I'm NOT looking forward to it - more the final and hopefully beautifully made product.
And for my raising and forming class I'm making a necklace - seems contradictory, to be making jewelry for raising and forming and a vessel for my Jewelry I class however, I do not like to differentiate between my classes - they feed each other.

The sketch above may not be what I actually make, I'm still working on more sketches however I do like the idea of the turtle shell skins hanging like they do in the sketch. I may use it for another piece.

However, what is constant is that a torc neckpiece will be the main part of the design. This goes to my nostalgia and love of Celtic culture and metalwork. I've always been completely fascinated by their belief system, culture and language. It is so intriguing to me.
Several taped photos in my sketchbook of inspiration and references.
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