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Sunday, September 12, 2010

new photos!

Some of this work is older and more recent. My good friend Steve loaned me his camera...I really need to get a new one! The necklace above is oxidized sterling silver, copper rivets and a stone..for which I forgot the name.
Here is my beloved black coral and silver cast droplet bracelet. I have not been able to put this bracelet down...it's my FAVORITE! I'm such a nerd.
And my cuttlefish cast brooch for Casting I class. I just love it, and I spin the little red coral around all the time.
This is my champleve brooch, that I spend some good (ie. long) hours working on. But it is quite pretty.

I also spent today working on the ring below, I took this photo using my phone.
In progress...
And done! Pin It

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