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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Rituals and the meaning of repition

Religion has fascinated me for a long time, the belief in a higher power and the way energy transforms in our world.  And with that I love how the rituals of all religions can create a sense of peace and deep introspection.

So this post is dedicated to rituals and what it's meant in my personal and work life being a jeweler.  I thought about this earlier today as I read through my notebooks and calendar.  Writing in a diary has been one of my constant rituals; as it really helps me to accomplish my goals and dreams.   Continually writing and verbalizing my thoughts is essential to achieving them. 

I listened to a podcast recently, on the Launch Grow Joy show and there was such a profound statement by the guest, that words are energy and the energy that we put out into the universe truly does have a lasting effect.  Just saying a statement or affirmation creates a snowball effect that, when repeated, can make that affirmation true. 

Of course I've known the power of rituals but often times, I forget or lose touch with those affirmations and rituals.  With running a small business and juggling three jobs my sacred and quiet time gets pushed aside.  I decided that this year I'd make a concentrated effort to meditate, read more and spend time reflecting on what I want for the future and verbalizing it. 

Thanks for reading and stay lovely!
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