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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Bast continued and pairing jewelry

Just like pairing a certain type of wine with particular foods, I'd akin pairing pieces of jewelry together the same way as well.

For me it also means what kind of outfit and occasion am I wearing them with.  So many factors to consider but I think the one constant is really about you, what looks good on you.

I've brought this up before but essentially pairing your jewelry with who you are as a person can make a BIG difference.  With that said, I've got some recommendations for you on what kind of jewelry works best on several factors.

For example: If you have dark hair, consider wearing lighter color earrings so they pop against your hair.  I made this mistake once of trading black earrings with a fellow jeweler....now I rarely wear them because it's hard to see them against my dark hair.

With that in mind here are factors to consider:
1. length and color of hair for earrings
2. type of work you do on a daily basis, so you may wear simple earrings or rings
3.  Your skin tone
4. What color will you be wearing that day

It all sounds logical and would make sense to the average person but I really do consider how my jewelry will function with me throughout the day OR when I get to go wild and wear a big statement piece like the Bast necklace below.

Bast One of a kind necklace, $1,000; photo by Tara Locklear
 I've loved the responses to the Bast OOAK necklace - I can't wait until the person snatches this statement piece up!
Bast single spine ring in bronze, $110; photo by Tara Locklear
A more accessible, everyday type of ring. 
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