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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Gemstones and selecting the right one

I'd been thinking about this for awhile, about how much I LOVE gemstones but can't stand finding the right one or gauging how many to purchase for a collection.  Sometimes it can be a nightmare!

However, the love of stones outweighs the troubles that come with finding the right stone and also finding the time to make custom pieces with stones.
Lovely moonstone for the Asteria ring.
I've given this some serious thought as much of what happens with the one of a kind pieces I make depend so much on the color, shape and form of the stone.  Over the years I've acquired several favorite gem dealers that I rely on to select the right stone, and this has been a godsend. 

The Shield pendant with an agate and pyrite stone. 

So this post is dedicated to some of my favorite pieces with selective stones that have worked so well in our previous collections.  I also want to take the opportunity to let you know that I love working with customers that want to create a special custom piece of jewelry with a specific stone.  If you are interested, shoot me an email: info@eilisainjewelry.com  

The Black abyss ring with black faceted tourmaline.

Thanks so much for reading and stay lovely!

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