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Monday, January 27, 2014

RAW Awakening selected artist

Well here it is, I'm doing my first big show/sale of the year.  I'm really excited to be a part of the RAW events, I'd heard about them before through several other jeweler friends.  

I'm also very excited it's going to be part of a bigger event, as in, so many other talented artists will be at this event as well.  With that said, I need to sell tickets! 

If you live in or around the Charlotte, NC area, I would love to see you at the event, you can purchase tickets here.  The tickets are only $15, which I think is a great deal for a show.  And see my profile here

And for anyone that purchases a ticket to the event, will be entered into a raffle to WIN a Hunted bronze owl talon charm & chain.  

If you can't attend the event, I completely understand but you can still support it! If I don't sell all 20 tickets, they come out of my pockets...which are quite small.  Thank you in advance and thank you for your constant support!

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