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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Renovations and new studio spaces at Art Avenue

 So it's been awhile since I've given you an update on Art Avenue.  Not sure if I even posted it, but Art Avenue did receive a city revitalization grant of $15,000 - woohoo! Which is what led us to move forward with renovating the back studio space; creating four new spaces for rent.  

First the floors were stripped of the very ugly tiles that have been there for ages, then we hired several guys (Jeremy Fineman and Andy Denton being two of them) to build wall space and floor boards to designate the new studio spaces.  We are beyond thrilled at how this will benefit the arts community in Greenville.  

And all of this will be semi-ready for the ECU Metals Symposium happening this coming weekend.  We've been literally busting our buns (from painting and squatting) to get this all done in time.   Some may not realize it but everyone that 'works' at Art Avenue is a volunteer; none of us are paid but we do it for the love of our art community and to make it bigger and better. 

Below are photos, taken by our resident photographer, Aileen Devlin of the all out paint/renovations we've had.   There are even more photos on the Art Avenue Facebook page

Sarah Setzco and Autumn paint the doors.
Andy bein' his usual silly self.
Our awesome construction/builder guys BJ and Mike.

Holly, a resident ceramicist came to help with her husband! We're so grateful!

There I am in the window on the other side of one of the new studio spaces.
And Jeremy Fineman bein' a clown! 

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