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Friday, January 31, 2014

ECU Symposium Material Matters review; Part 1: Reliqury Redux Exhibition

Per usual I will do a review of the symposium; they will be short and sweet.  First I'm going to begin with one of my favorite exhibitions from the weekend, the Reliquary Redux which was curated by my good friend Danielle James, Kate Speranza and Zach Lechtenberg.  

I've always held a fascination with life and death and the morbid things in life, so it's no surprise this was my favorite exhibition.  What I loved most about this exhibition was the range in pieces; some where objects, jewelry, sculpture and prints.  And they all touched upon death and the memento of death and life in such diverse means.

Here are images (from my iphone..) that were my favorite.  Please excuse the photo quality, I'll never be a good one!  
For some reason i couldn't get the entire show title, but I really loved it.  Looked so great
next to the hanging piece
Lin Stanionis piece...AMAZING to see in person.  

If this were life size, I'd crawl into it!
My favorite of all the exhibition pieces.  So haunting.

My roomie from last year, Emma Olivia's exquisite pieces.
Luana Coonen's amazing pieces, I've long admired her work.
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