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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Boys & Girls

When I first began my Hunted line of jewelry or for that matter most of my jewelry, I never really considered if it was meant to be worn by a man or woman.  And when I think upon the subject, I am certain that jewelry should be genderless  (not that I don't believe a jeweler can have the intention for which gender it is meant for) .  So with that said, I love it that my jewelry is so unisex; it goes beyond what gender the wearer is and becomes a talisman of sorts. 

Jodie Bakker wearing her new Hunted bronze double badger claw necklace.
NIkki wearing the same necklace and his owl talon ring. 

I really am so lucky to be friends with quite a few of my customers and that they take the time to send me photos of them wearing it - thank you Jodie and Nikki!!

And thank YOU for reading. 
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