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Monday, May 20, 2013

Oppose the Pebble Mine at Bristol Bay

Ethical Metalsmiths sent me an email several days ago to contact the EPA and urge them to oppose the proposed Pebble Mine at Bristol Bay in Alaska.  I hope you will too.  

Bristol Bay's salmon run provide 14,000 jobs to Alaskans, food and sustenance to the people and wildlife of Bristol Bay; building a mine would pollute the water and atmosphere.   It's so simple and powerful to send a message to the EPA and make your voice heard!

As jewelers and metalsmiths I think it is very important to be aware of where the materials we use come from and to be ethical.  It's hard to but it's the little steps that add up.  Like keeping your bench and floor sweeps for cleaning and reusing.  Or finding scrap metal to make jewelry (it's actually more fun in my opinion!).  And more importantly being aware and educated on where your materials come from.

Bristol bay
Thanks for reading and taking action!
PS - Join Ethical Metalsmiths, I did and I know it'll be put to good use!
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