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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How Animals Grieve

This morning as I was perusing posts on FB I saw one that caught my eye, a brief interview on NPR about this wonderful book by anthropologist Barbara J. King, How Animals Grieve

The research and King's statements on the many and various ways that animals can have emotions is very interesting to me.  Animals can experience pain, just as humans can but I think when it comes to grief, happiness and jealousy it can be trickier to discern.  I've always felt that you must have very large respect and caution with animals because as much as we'd like to think we are communicating with them, they are also instinctual and do not have the thought capacity that we do.

This post could go on and I probably wouldn't make much sense (since I'm not the best at writing philosophically); nonetheless it is fascinating to muse and think about.  I plan on buying the book soon, and hopefully read at the beach this summer.  I hope that this post gives you pause for thought and thank you for reading!
Cover of King's book
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