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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Art Avenue update

I haven't written about the really great progress we've made at Art Avenue (where I run my jewelry business and studio) in awhile, so here is a brief update.  We recently we hosted a Cinco de Mayo member social to celebrate our biggest supporters in the eastern North Carolina region.

The idea came about from Claire Edwards, the Director of Art Avenue, to share with the community how the studio space and gallery has improved over the past year.  We also wanted to tell people about the studio rentals and how much this benefits artists from the School of Art and Design at ECU and at Pitt Community College.  

Below are some of the photos from the event.  We were able to raise a good amount from memberships that will go to making small renovations in the studio space to allow for more renters and future exhibitions.  

Thanks for reading!
A member admiring Jeremy Fineman's Bullfrog Ceramics. Photo by Aileen Devlin.
Me, talking about how important community support is.  Photo by Aileen Devlin.
Andy Denton singing his praises, literally!  Photo by Aileen Devlin.
Jalapeno beer!! I really loved it, generously donated by these young men.  Photo by Aileen Devlin.
Our awesome interns, aka Pitt Community college students.   Photo by Aileen Devlin.
Guests and supporters having fun.  Photo by Aileen Devlin.
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