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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Keep it in the Can

*Video taken by Lorena Angulo

Several months ago, Laura Wood of Equinox Gallery contacted a group of artists to submit pins for a special surprise for Bob Ebendorf, whom would be presenting an exhibition & workshop at Equinox, Keep it in the Can, just last weekend.  The above video is Bob's reaction to the surprise.

Bob is beloved by so many in the metals community, he has such a wonderful way of connecting with people and making you feel wonderful and curious about the world.

I was very honored to be able to give him a gift of gratitude.  Below is the pin I made, with the Resurrection beetle and an amethyst point.  I felt it was so appropriate to use the beetle in the pin as Bob has resurrected his career many times throughout his life, and I wanted it to signify that.

The pin I made for Bob Ebendorf.
There is a wonderful catalog that Equinox created with images of all the pins made for Bob, you can order one from Equinox by emailing them: equinoxexhibitions@gmail.com.  The catalogs are only $10! I am ordering one today and can't wait to see all the beautiful pins made in honor of Bob Ebendorf.
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