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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Holidays are just around the corner...

A little preview of my letterpress card.  It looks decent now but...I've had the most frustrating time in that class.  So many factors are at play when trying to get a plate just right or the ink and the paper...I could go on an on.

However I do have some more happier news, I'm gearing up for the holiday madness that will come in December.  My senior show is scheduled for Saturday, December 1 (so mark your calendars!), and I'm also doing a trunk show the following weekend in Washington, D.C. at Redeem.  And during that same week there will be two holiday sales in the Greenville area sponsored by the ECU metals guild.  Whew...it'll be a bit cray-cray but I'm really very excited about it.  

I went to my printer yesterday to get specs on postcards.  I can't wait until they are done and I can show them in addition I will be making limited edition letterpress cards for my senior show.  The wheels are turning and there's no turning back now!  

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