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Friday, October 26, 2012

Sharon Church

Oh man, I have a new woman crush.  I just love how open and honest Sharon is; she reveals so much of the conflicts a woman faces with career decisions.  She is honored by the American Craft Council as a Master.  I've thought many times of how it'd be to have a baby and raise her/him while making jewelry.  From what I've heard from my peers it's a balance, as is any worthwhile endeavor, but one that is SO fulfilling.

I think of my niece and my wonderfully amazing sister in law and how she's worked while with rearing Dottie; and she's doing it so well, and Dottie, my niece is so worth it. I even had the thought today, that having a child would truly be the most amazing creation of all (I know, very revolutionary! lol).  But really, I'm comforted and encouraged to see amazing women do it.

There are more masters videos from ACC, so check'em out.
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