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Friday, October 5, 2012

First Friday is Herrrrre!

With the gallery space up front, and studio in the back - it's all on track! ...fun rhyme.
It's First Friday in Greenville, which means the Uptown neighborhood business' will be hosting events and visiting artists with exhibiting work and demo's, as well as live music and free food (can't be that).  As I mentioned several b-posts ago; Art Avenue will be have The Ancients Made These show curated by Andy Denton.  The Ancients Made These exhibition is also in conjunction with the Tri-State Sculpture Symposium happening at ECU Jenkin's School of Art and Design Sculpture studio.  From what I read on the poster, there will be very interesting workshops - bending wood and discussion groups. 

Also Emerge will be hosting the annual Rebel student juried show, which is always excellently shown and curated.   I'm looking forward to walking around uptown and showing my parents all the great art, they'll be in town for the weekend! 

Anywho, if you're not in Greenville, I suggest you go out and support local art and culture in your town/city, it's good energy.  
thx for reading!
Attendees at Septembers' First Friday at Art Avenue.
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