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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Night in Day

Samhain is drawing near, the time of year when Pagans honor their ancestors and pay homage to the dark time of the year.

Samhain (pronounced Sa-ween) is the basis of Halloween, which is (from records shown) the second biggest holiday in American culture.  We love it. 

I especially love this time of year more for the meaning of Samhain and celebration.  Honoring my ancestors has become a bigger part of my life for me; as I've gotten older I see and have learned how much of their lives is part of my own.  For example my grandmother in Panama, she used to love tarot cards and reading the signs but then she became a reformed Catholic.  I myself enjoy tarot cards.  My paternal grandmother made up the silliest rhymes, I do that now whenever I greet my cats or my boyfriend!

Anywho, to commemorate this special time of year, I'm working on a greeting card in my letterpress class that welcomes an audience to Samhain with an owl flying with a moon in the background, a short snippet of a prayer will also be on the cover.  I'm really looking forward to the finished product.

Here is a beautiful poem a friend shared with me several years ago that has a wonderful way of describing Autumn and the impending winter:

The Night never wants to end,
   to give itself over to light
Even on summer solstice,
  the day of lights great triumph,
Where fields of sunflower
  guzzle in the sun -
We break open the watermelon
  and spit out black seeds,
Bits of night glistening on the grass.
-By Joseph Stroud
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